Through the spirit of community building, CRAFT is an inaugural celebration showcasing the state’s diverse artist communities. A collective of premier local artists coming together in a unique platform that serves as a conduit to connect already thriving art communities with unique subcultures that are showcased to the public.  CRAFT aims to inspire audiences with galleries, interactive experiences, demonstrations, performances with creative minds representing any & all forms of artistic expression.

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Deep Stories is an Arizona based special event agency that has evolved over the years by collaborating cultures and innovating & inspiring new trends with outside the box creative that support scalable and turnkey event concepts for lifestyle community events.

Our goal is to sustain traditions in creative spirit through celebrating our Arizona arts and craft community. We are Inviting artists to come together with their passion to expand our horizons and recognize what makes Arizona one of the most special destinations in the country. With rising innovation, we see an opportunity through the artists artistic abilities to bridge a gap by collaborating and educating guests in new and creative ways with their 5 senses.

Featuring Arizona's top Artists Painters Potters Coopers Cosplayers Chefs Florists Glassblowers Magicians Mixologists Videographers Muralist Musician Lapidaries Leatherworkesr Authors Papermakers Geologists Silversmiths Estheticians Soapmakers Textile Designers Directors Carpenters Metalworkers Blacksmiths


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