Professionals are encouraged to submit an Exhibitor Request by clicking the button below and filling out all necessary information. Think of this as your audition, please give it all you got and show us why your CRAFT should be showcased at the event.

Outlined below are the Eligibility and Exhibitor Standards, Fees and Deadlines, Exhibitor Spaces, and our Disclaimer

Please read each section carefully prior to signing up!

Featured Artists

Chanel Yellowhair

[email protected]

IG: @cyn.heart


Ruth M. Farris


IG: @ruthfarris




IG: @_dotsol


Intricate Ink Studio


IG: @intricateinkstudio



Latique Curry

[email protected]

IG: @latique143


 Craig Rasmussen


IG: @latique143



Skye Riss Studios


IG: @skyebriss



Icy Dead People

[email protected]

IG: @_icy.deadpeople



Scherer Dezign


IG: @schererart




[email protected]

IG: @el_charropacheco




IG: @favsartsfur



Keith K.U.T. Lynard


IG: @favsartsfur



Maria Cisnetos

[email protected]

IG: @favsartsfur



Art by Linz


IG: @_artbylinz_



E.B. Custom Creations


IG: @ebcustomcreations



Mr. Meerkat’s Market

[email protected]

IG: @mrmeerkatsmarket


DJ Trippi

[email protected]




Iron Rhino Forge


IG: @iron_rhino_forge


Desert Wood Carving Show



Suede Kyger


• Exhibitors must be present at all times. All works must be originally created by the artist. We are currently accepting all handmade & digital media types (see list of mediums). Handmade 3D art made from fiber, glass, metal, sculptures, jewelry, crafts, or wood , are extremely encouraged.
• Artist collaborations may qualify if the team produces a single product in one medium and explains the arrangement on the exhibitor form. (Otherwise, each member will be considered an individual artist and must pay individual fees unless approved)
• CRAFT Rangers hand selects each exhibitor and approves all participating artists. Artists not approved may not participate. 
• Artists must arrive at least one hour prior to the start of the event scheduled, be present and show their work throughout the entire event and tear down at the end of the Event. CRAFT Rangers are not responsible for items left behind. Artists should clean up any trash from their area and place it in designated trash containers. (Lost & Found – please call 480-644-2178)

• Be advised: Artists spaces sell out quickly.
• Unauthorized use of Licensed Images – If artist is using images that are licensed, the artist must have proof of authorization from original license holder. An artist will not be invited for the market if the artist fails to provide proof of authorization. If an artist is invited in and is found using unauthorized images during the market, they will be asked to leave and not allowed to be a part of future markets and any legal ramifications will be solely the responsibility of the artist. Disclosure of Licensed Image Sales – If artist has sold or licensed images of original work to commercial concerns and those images which will be displayed at the market, the artist must disclose that licensing through on-site public disclaimer signage stating that some of the images being presented have been licensed for reproduction and may be found for commercial sale as reproductions being sold at discounted prices.

• Exhibitor Fees:

  1. 10×10 (100sq/ft total) 1 Day w/ (2) Electricity 120 Outlets

    • Includes 4 Staff Passes

    • Price: $250.00

  2. 10×20 (200sq/ft total) 1 Day w/ (2) Electricity 120 Outlets

    • Includes 6 Staff Passes

    • Price: $375.00

  3. 10×30 (300sq/ft total) 1 Day w/ (2) Electricity 120 Outlets

    • Includes 8 Staff Passes

    • Price: $600.00

• DEADLINE: To participate in any event the deadline for entry is 4 weeks before that event is being held. (Exhibitor forms received and accepted after will be eligible for only if space is available).
• The deadline for exhibitor fee’s is 2 weeks before scheduled event. Submit the appropriate Exhibitor fee for each event you intend to participate in. Artists whose applications are received after will be considered only if space is available for the upcoming event. Each participant will receive confirmation prior to the event as to where to set up. (Note: Exhibitor agreement sent out in the email is agreed upon as part of participating in CRAFT events).
• Annual City of Mesa license fee (non resident / Transient Business License fee is $15.00. If you would like to participate in other events in Mesa you can pay $15.00 per additional event or you may pay $55.00 for a yearly Transient Business License). Businesses that operate in Mesa need a Mesa Business License  (residents of Mesa $35.00 / $15 renewal).
• As required by law, each artist is responsible for collecting and filing Arizona State and City taxes, as required. The Arizona Department of Revenue collects Mesa tax along with the State and County tax. Report your Gilbert tax on your State form (TPT-1).  A current Arizona TPT-1 is required.
• Attach 1-2 small jpg images of your Exhibit presentation and 3-4 small jpg images of your artwork that you will sell and is representative of the pieces to be sold at the event. Total file size for each image should be less than 1.8 MB. Include an artist statement/biography of 200 words or less in the comments section. Describe your technique, materials, and the processes used to create your artwork. 
• You will be notified regarding the decision from CRAFT Rangers. Once accepted you can then purchase a space for the dates scheduled. (Artists not accepted into CRAFT may not participate).

• Exhibit spaces will be assigned based on availability unless the space has been purchased specific to needs of demonstration. (Limit one artist per space. For artist collaborations, only one space is provided).  
• Each space must be kept clean and in good shape by the artist using it.
• Each artist must bring his or her own displays, such as easels, tables, pedestals, etc. (see Guidelines)
• Each artist must provide their own stand-alone power and lighting if needed to display your items.
• Each artist selected for large outdoor artist areas must supply their own 10’x10′ tent, and weights.
• Each artist selected for a table space must provide their own table, and display items.

CRAFT is not responsible or liable for acts of God, loss, theft or damage to Artists materials during the event. Individual artists are not required to have individual liability insurance, however it is recommended.